Dana Jerabek

Ausstellungprojekt 2009:
„in_keinster_weise_nachhaltig_verortet“ – Hierarchien im Kunstbetrieb

Dana Jerabek (NYC)

„Beside mine own“ / „cause my chin was too big“ / „nd coat of arms“
mixed media on paper

My work is an assemblage of imagery that evokes nostalgia through the marriage of memory and homesickness. It functions as an artifact or souvenir that may trigger these sensations. Memory serves as a travelogue in which the viewer may uncover the map in layers. It is my hope that the viewer is able to maintain an awareness of mind, subconscious or otherwise, while considering the work, enabling different processes of translation.




„namely“ / „Untitled“ / „Untitled“, 2009, mixed media on paper


„Untitled“ (#I – #IV), 2009, mixed media on paper


4 Selected pages from My Mining Song: A Heritage, 2008, mixed media on paper


2004 Pratt Institute-MFA Painting
2002 Michigan State University-BFA, concentration in painting and sculpture
1997 Center for Creative Studies-Preparatory work in fine arts



2008 Think Gallery VI, New York, NY
2008  In Home:  In Response, Baltimore, MD, March 2008
2006  The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Heidi Cho Gallery, New York, NY
2006  Gimme Head, 49 Bogart St. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005  All Architecture Must Die, Brooklyn, NY



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